Tree Planting

While The Haupt Tree Company is not a landscape design or landscape installation company, we do in fact plant trees both large and small. Haupt representatives will make recommendations as to the best tree for your location. A properly planted tree will grow faster and live longer than ones that are incorrectly planted. Determining the correct tree for a particular location must include considerations for the correct soil pH, drainage, as well as shade and sun at the planting site.

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Why is Correct Location Necessary?

Soil: Soil structure, including composition and drainage can be critical to the health and growth of a tree.

Location: The amount of sun and shade that a tree receives, as well as the exposure to or protection from wind can affect the growth and survival of a tree. In addition, an understanding of the growth rate, shape and size at maturity should be considered when planting in proximity to structures and traffic ways. From an accessibility stand point, some locations are more challenging or sensitive and may require special care.

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