Tree Pruning

The Haupt Tree Company offers tree and hedge pruning using state-of-the-art equipment and a professional approach to ensure the health and beauty of your trees. In locations where trees are not accessible with aerial lift equipment, our climbing crews use a variety of specialized ropes, saddles and ascenders as described in the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z133 safety standards for tree care operations. For trees accessible with equipment, our crews will work out of one of our 75’ aerial lift units, or one of our off-road aerial lifts.

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Mature Shade Trees

Our professional arborists are trained to safely prune your large shade trees to remove dead, dying, or storm damaged branches. Pruning your mature trees is recommended every three to five years. Dead and dying branches are not only entry points for decay-causing microorganisms, there can also be large hazardous branches that have the potential to cause personal injury or property damage.

Apple Trees

Our pruning crews specialize in restoring mature apple trees. This can generally take up to three years to accomplish a complete crown restoration. Significant damage can occur if mature apple trees are over-pruned or have their tops suddenly removed exposing the interior area of the tree to sun causing sun scald to the now unprotected interior branches.

Hedge Pruning

The Haupt Tree Company maintains a variety of different types of deciduous and conifer hedges for our clients. Annual or biennial pruning is recommended in order to maintain the proper shape, size and appearance. Maintaining the correct shape is necessary to ensure that an equal amount of sun light reaches the lower branches. This practice reduces the potential for the lower sections of a hedge to die back as a direct result of low light conditions.

Woody Shrub Pruning

Most shrubs require annual pruning. Often, many landscapes over time begin to encroach on the side of a building, house or each other in a landscape planting. Our experienced staff is able to prune these plants to maintain effective clearance, while maintaining the natural shape of the plant.

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